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Anne Petersen
Posted Jul 5, 2016

Anne Petersen was a remarkable person and dedicated volunteer for the Lyman Youth Association.  Anne began her service to the Lyman community in 2006, when she assumed the role of "Team Mom". Anne joined the Lyman Youth Association Board in 2009 and she remained an active member of the board until her death on October 24, 2014. 

Anne had no children of her own, but in many respects she had hundreds of children. Anne cared greatly for the children in the Lyman program and was very involved in their lives.  She always had a kind word of encouragement and a smile for eveyone while at the football field.  Perhaps she was best know for her generosity, she never let a child leave the concession stand empty handed. Anne, throughout the years, used her own money to ensure that children could pay the registration fee or that they had cleats or other equipment necessary to play the game.

Anne faced many challenges in her life, she was a two-time cancer survivor.  She was also diagnosed with congestive heart failure, and was a patient in the heart transplant program from 2007 until her death in 2014.  In 2013, she was called and told to report to the hospital for her heart transplant.  Due to some last minute complications, Anne did not receive her transplant.  In the very emotional aftermath of that decision, Anne got out of her hospital bed and went over to the white board in her room.  Anne erased the nurse's plan for the day and replaced it with "Live, Life, Anyway".

Anne simply loved the children and their families that made up the Lyman Youth Association.  The Lyman families loved her back.  On the day of her funeral, members of the Lyman family and many others from youth sports along the Mississippi Gulf Coast, gathered at the Lyman football field and held a celebration of her life.  That night 300 red balloons were released in her honor.

The football field that Anne loved so much was renamed "Anne Petersen Memorial Field" by the Harrison County Board of Supervisors.

Posted Jul 5, 2016
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